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Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

As the head coach and founder of Apex Running, my goal is to help you become the best runner you can be. If you have been running for a while and feel like you've hit a plateau, or maybe you're ready to take that next step to be a stronger runner, I'm here to help! 

My passion for running began in high school and continued though college (running competitively in the 1500) and into adulthood. I have spent years improving my own running and made adjustments to my training as I've gotten older. My interest as a coach began years ago when I felt I could contribute to those around me with my running knowledge. 

In addition to coaching I am a competitive masters runner in distances that range from 5k's to marathons and even a handful of ultra's. My desire to know how I can help others more has led me to become an RRCA certified coach and I have also received my WITS certification as a personal trainer to help those I coach be their best.

The Coaches: About Me


Training for Greatness

As Coach of the Apex lower mileage runners, I provide effective, un-intimidating workouts, with a social vibe. Our group is accessible to all runners, whether you are new, returning, or just want to run with a group that isn’t running high crazy mileage!  I help runners develop consistency, intuitive pacing, and more efficient running form.

I am certified through USATF as a Running Coach, and through WITS (Level 2) as a Personal Trainer. I do home based strength training as well as training at Kilter Fitness. Over the years, I’ve worked with athletes as a trainer, coach, gym rat, runner, friend, teammate, mentor, spouse, pacer, crew, camp director, and a running shoe enabler!

My favorite racing distance is the Half Marathon, followed by the 10k, and apparently I can be talked in to running a Marathon, once a year!

For me, running is it’s own reward, but the connections I have developed with with Apex and the Austin area running community, are what has kept me tethered to this sport for so long. Being part of a team helps get us through the inevitable challenges that running will bring, but most of all it connects us to each other. Join our running family!

The Coaches: About Me
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